Update: Candidates and their responses

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Almost two months ago, we contacted 10 Marsaskala local council candidates, and posed questions to them about our locality, their vision for it, and their stance on certain issues that affect our town.

An additional candidate was contacted on 06/05/2019, bringing the total number of candidates up to 11 . The full list of contacted candidates can be seen in the original post here.

2 other candidates, Patrick Camilleri and John Baptist Camilleri have replied to our questions, bringing the total to 5 candidates who have replied. We thank all respondents for their time; we do appreciate the busy schedules that elections bring with them.

In less than a week’s time, it will be voting day; we urge other candidates to respond to ensure a level playing field and a well-informed electorate. We hope that our readers will take the time to read through these replies, go out to vote, and make an informed choice next Saturday.