Services for the elderly

The below are services for the elderly provided by the Department for Active Ageing and Community Care (DAACC)​

• Għajnuna fid-Dar (Home Help)
• Servizz ta’ Handyman (Handyman Service)
• Servizz ta’ Kontinenza (Continence Service)
• Telephone Rent Rebate
• Ċentri ta’ Anzjanità Attiva (Active Ageing Centres​)
• Meals on Wheels
• Telecare+
• Night Shelters
• Social Work
• Servizz ta’ Respite (Respite Services)
• Domicilliary Nursing/Caring
• Dementia Intervention Team
• Dementia Activity Centre
• Carer at Home
• Servizz ta’ Ġerjatrija fil-Komunita` (Community Geriatrician Services​​​)
• Respite at Home
• Servizz ta’ Occupational Therapy (Occupational Therapy Service)
• Servizz ta’ Fiżjoterapista (Physiotherapy Service​​)
• Servizz ta’ Podjatrija (Podiatry Service​)

More information about these services can be found at where you will find the full list of services, information about each, and also details about how you can benefit from them.